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Privoro Channel Partner Program

Privoro Channel Philosophy and Partner Commitment

Privoro is committed to a channel-led go-to-market strategy that is profitable, easy to use and meaningful to our business partners. Our partners benefit from a truly innovative and unique set of product offerings built on a high-security, intelligent system architecture that circumvents the vulnerabilities of mobile devices. The products are receiving high levels of interest – from US and international government agencies to the enterprise C-suite.

Our partnerships are collaborative and mutually beneficial. Whether you’re selling our products or integrating Privoro technology into existing solutions, our dedicated Channel team, deal registration and training programs are built to ensure our partners thrive in the market.

Key Partner Benefits

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Multiple sales opportunities

Leverage multiple products, add-ons and revenue streams to maximize sales now and in the future.

  • SafeCase: The hardware cornerstone of Privoro’s Fulcrum Platform and the core mobility solution
    • Prevents smartphones from being turned into listening and spying devices
    • Built on a high-security, intelligent system architecture that allows for device governance and user compliance
  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription model
  • Vault: Portable Faraday enclosure and audio masking chamber for smartphones
    • Unsurpassed protection against location tracking, remote RF hacking and audio and video surveillance
  • Hardware add-ons (backpacks)
  • Product warranties
  • Managed services and adjacent product opportunities such as WIDS, WLAN, UEM, MDM, SIEM and mobile devices
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Unique engagement position

Engage your prospects with new technology that mitigates the risks of using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) mobile devices in the presence of sensitive conversations and visual detail.

  • Growing awareness of smartphone vulnerabilities
  • Blue ocean market means higher margins
  • C-suite and public-sector interest
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Powerful sales tools

Privoro offers a range of sales tools to help you convert prospects into sales.

  • Sales enablement materials
  • Prospect engagement tools
  • Online sales training
  • Deal registration program
  • Not-for-resale program
  • Incumbent renewal program
  • Co-branded marketing materials
  • Easy access to new products

For a complete list of partner benefits and program requirements, download the Privoro Channel Partner Program Guide:

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