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The Dog; A Symbol and a Promise

It's hard to even think of a time when we didn't have technology to help guard and protect our homes, cars and businesses. But for thousands of years, even up to today, guard dogs have protected what we value. Domesticated working dogs have been around since before recorded human history, with some of the oldest records dating all the way back to 12,000 BC in Turkey. These majestic and sometimes menacing protectors sat as sentries to homes, stables and government offices, even fighting alongside their countrymen in battle.

But they are more than mere protectors. There are few animals with more training, skill and front line experience. They have even earned their place amongst our most valiant and honored for their contributions to our military. It is amazing what they will do for us if we show them the way. Vigilant and unwavering. A promise we make to our customers.