Privoro’s first-of-its-kind platform is bringing innovation to the mobile marketplace.

While smartphones may be indispensable tools, they lack the space and power to accommodate hardware innovations needed to extend their utility. Instead, specialized offerings are often relegated to dedicated devices, which can be both time-consuming to develop and cumbersome to use. SafeCase overcomes these obstacles, bringing modularity to commercial off-the-shelf devices while allowing hardware developers to leverage Privoro technology and quickly bring their innovations to the marketplace.

Whether developed by Privoro or authorized third-party partners, new hardware functionalities are delivered via a standardized backpack – modular, detachable devices that may include sensors, communications modules and more. This modularity increases the efficiency of development by leveraging the platform’s capabilities, services and trust.

Bringing innovations to SafeCase customers.

Bringing innovations to SafeCase customers.

While smartphones have apps for just about everything, backpacks will enable highly specialized, sophisticated and industry-specific tools to customers – tools we’ve just begun to explore internally and with potential development partners. These tools may not currently be available or are not currently available in a lightweight form factor.

Limitless Development Opportunities

From sensing to processing, the opportunities for developing specialized hardware add-ons are almost limitless.

Backpacks - Modular design

High-security capabilities

Hardware add-ons can take advantage of the high-security foundation provided by the SafeCase, giving organizations a new level of protection across more user activities.

Future-proof technology

SafeCase enabled organizations can take advantage of future hardware innovations without the need to purchase one-off devices or upgrade smartphones.

Convenient user experience

The SafeCase conveniently couples with a user’s ever-present smartphone, and backpacks can be attached in seconds.

Developer benefits

From sensing to processing, the opportunities for developing specialized hardware add-ons is almost limitless.

  • Biosensing
  • Environmental sensing
  • Mobile ad hoc networking
  • Satellite communications
  • Intelligent-edge processing
    • Biometric reading
    • RF detection
    • and much more

Accelerated development

Rather than starting from scratch, hardware developers can leverage the SafeCase’s hardware capabilities and integrated cloud infrastructure to rapidly prototype new products.

Built-in customer base

Once products are market-ready, hardware innovators will benefit from Privoro’s expanding sales channels and relationships to reach an already qualified customer base.

Burgeoning market segment

As we pioneer an entirely new market segment within the rapidly expanding mobile security space, our hardware partners will reap the rewards of being at the forefront of this new technology platform.

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