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5 things you should know about stopping mobile espionage.

Replacing myth with fact.

MYTH #1: You can turn your smartphone "OFF"


The "OFF" button is more like a "dimmer" that puts your phone in standby mode, reducing the power and blanking the screen. The microprocessor (and other circuits) may still be on, awaiting your command or executing a hacker's command to take a picture or access GPS to pinpoint your whereabouts.

The physics of Privoro: Protecting you even if you think your phone is "OFF"

With the Privoro privacy guard you're protected from mobile surveillance even if your phone has been compromised. That's because our sophisticated yet simple-to-use platform works over the top of your smartphone, surrounding it in security protections when those protections are engaged.

MYTH #2: Eavsedropping

Turning smartphones off or covering the microphones with a piece of tape can keep eavesdroppers from capturing the conversations around your phone.


Malware at the chip level, firmware level, OS level or app level can be used to turn on microphones so unwarranted third parties can eavesdrop on conversations happening around your phone. This is even possible when workforce smartphones are deployed with Mobile Device Management software.

The physics of Privoro: Protecting what you say

Our first-of-its-kind combination of audio protections was engineered, tested and calibrated to safeguard you from audio surveillance.

  • Sealed audio channels surround all microphones (three on iPhone 6, four on iPhone 6s)
  • Completely randomized noise transmissions, a separate and independent one for each microphone, drown each microphone in noise
    • The Active Audio Masking noise profile is not pseudo-random or looped, but truly random. This prevents would-be listeners from cracking the sound code or recording a loop from one guard to subtract it from another − to gain access to your confidential conversations.
    • Intelligibility masking up to 90 dBA (average speech levels are 55-65 dBA)
    • Presence (sound/speech) masking up to 80 dBA

Audio Testing

Our acoustical engineering specialists sought the most sophisticated software and state-of-the-art labs in an attempt to test and crack our noise profile, allowing us to fine-tune the smartphone guard until we reached an unprecedented level of audio undetectability.

MYTH #3: Spying

Turning smartphones off will safeguard the cameras − making it impossible to take pictures or video of your surroundings without your knowledge.


Even if the phone is turned off, sophisticated malware can be used to turn cameras on without activating the recording light, the flash or any other functions of the phone that would give away that the phone has been compromised.

The physics of Privoro: Protecting what you see

A specially designed "hood" at the top of the case provides physical blocks to your smartphone's high-resolution cameras, ensuring total protection from camera/video surveillance.

MYTH #4: Location Tracking

Turning smartphones off or placing in airplane mode are ways to disconnect the phone from all radio frequency signals, thus taking you "off the grid".


Even if the phone is turned off, hackers have an increasing number of off-the-shelf-solutions to find it − even with the faintest ping to a connected source they have access to.

The physics of Privoro: Protecting where you go

Privoro's patent-pending, proprietary, two-component sealing system forms an impenetrable Faraday cage around your phone, making it nearly impossible for unwarranted third parties to track your whereabouts.

  • Solid construction for lightweight conductivity
  • Unsurpassed 110+ dB of RF protection, which attenuates RF signals by a factor of at least 100 billion up to 6 GHz, which means no connection to:
    • Cell towers
    • Wi-Fi
    • Bluetooth
    • GPS
    • Near-field communication/radio frequency identification (NFC/RFID)
  • RF sealing mechanisms engineered to ensure device integrity after 10,000+ cycles of applying and removing the cover

MYTH #5: You can keep hackers out


Everything is hackable. Given enough time and money, sophisticated hackers can get into essentially every connected and, increasingly, non-connected digital device.

The physics of Privoro: Protecting the viability of your protections

The Privoro privacy guard is designed as a hardened, air-gapped platform that provides no back doors into the protective electronics and firmware. Yes, someone could physically break into the platform – but it is a process that would be visually obvious.

  • Even if a compromise to case or phone were to occur:
    • The Privoro app provides real time, two-factor authentication testing of both audio and RF protections

The Privoro privacy guard

Full use of phone features with most protections engaged.

The Privoro privacy guard has been designed and engineered to provide a breadth and depth of protection from mobile espionage like no other product in the world. We know it won't be for everyone. But for those who really care about protecting the confidential and sensitive information of their companies, and their personal privacy, or those whose lives may depend on it, we think you'll appreciate all that has gone into the development of the Privoro privacy guard.