Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any set up required before I use my Privacy Guard?

No set up is required however, your Privacy Guard was shipped in hibernation mode to preserve the battery. The first time you use the Privacy Guard, you need to connect it to power via the USB adapter to wake up the battery.

Can I charge my phone and the case at the same time?

Yes, plugging the USB charger into the case while the phone is inserted will charge both the case and the phone.

Can I still use my Bluetooth speakers when I have the Privacy Guard case on?

Yes, with the cover off and Bluetooth turned on.

Can I still use WiFi with my privacy guard?

Yes, as long as the cover is off.

Can I use Apple Pay NFC when I go grocery shopping if the case is on?

Yes, as long as the cover is off.

Can I play music aloud on my phone while it's in the case?

Yes, you can listen to music aloud whether the hood is up or down.

Can I receive calls, texts and notifications when I have the hood down and the audio masking is on?

Yes, all these features are accessible when the phone is in the case with the hood down and audio masking is on. Audio masking automatically disengages when the hood is raised.

Can I plug in my headphones to listen to my music when the case is on?

No, but you can use Bluetooth headphones as long as the cover is off.

Where can I find instructions on how to insert or remove my phone from the case, or place and remove the cover?

Instructions are included in the Quick Start Guide shipped with your product or in the privacy guard How To Video.

How do I use the Privoro Test App?

For a demonstration on how to use the Privoro App, please check out our video on our Support Page.

What do the different lights indicate?

Not connected to USB power source:

  • Solid white light = audio masking is ON; battery level remaining is greater than 15%
  • Alternating white/red = audio masking is ON; battery level remaining is less than 15%

Connected to a USB power source:

  • Alternating white/amber = audio masking is ON; battery level is less than 95%
  • Alternating white/green = audio masking is ON; battery level is greater than 95%
  • Solid amber = audio masking is off; battery level is less than 95%
  • Solid green light = audio masking is off; battery level is greater than 95%
Is there a way to dim the case light?

Yes, to dim the indicator light, active audio masking must be ON. Then brief taps to the button will cycle through the three levels of illumination.

Will the case also protect the phone from damage if I drop it?

Privoro makes no claims for, nor substantiation of, this type of protection. See Limited Warranty.

Do you offer a manufacturer warranty?

Yes, your Privoro products comes with a 1 year limited manufacturing warranty. See Limited Warranty for more details.

Do you offer an extended warranty?

Yes, you may purchase an extended warranty during your check out. For details on coverage please see the Extended Warranty.

Does the phone's battery drain faster inside the Faraday cage (because it cannot see the cell tower)?

No, modern smartphones do not waste their battery transmitting needlessly if a tower is not detected.

Where can Privoro currently ship orders?

Privoro ships to all 50 states, as well as all U.S. Military addresses (APO, FPO and DDO). For International orders, please contact or call 1-844-PRIVORO, Ext. 1

How do I track my order?

Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email from Privoro with your tracking number.

Where are Privoro products manufactured?

Privoro products are proudly made in the USA.

My email address has changed. How do I update this information to my current account?

Contact and we can change it for you.

How can I clean the privacy guard case and cover?

To ensure maximum performance and prevent damage to your privacy guard, keep the case and cover away from food, water and debris.

If the gold-plated fingers on the interior of the cover become dirty, use a soft dry cloth and gently wipe the fingers toward the center of the cover, being cautious not to catch, break or bend the fingers on the return stroke.

When the cover is not on the case, leave the opening of the cover face-down to minimize the risk of debris falling into the cover and onto the fingers. To clean the exterior of the cover and case, use a damp cloth or non-astringent cleaners. Do not spray or saturate the case or cover in liquid.

What is your return policy?

All returns must be received within 14 days from delivery. Disposal fee of $199 will be applied to all opened product. See Full Return Policy.

What should I do to dispose of my Privacy Guard? Can I just throw it away?

Your privacy guard contains a LiPolymer battery and should not be disposed of in municipal trash. Privoro has proudly partnered with Call2Recycle for your recycling needs. To find a recycling location near you go to and enter your zip code.