Secure Mobility Platform

The Fulcrum Platform delivers trusted, special-purpose services through a secure system architecture, cloud-integrated machine learning and SafeCase – the hardware cornerstone of the platform.

Two phones and a cloud


A radical approach to mobile security.

Time and time again, advanced mobile threats have stayed one step ahead of the latest mobile security tools, giving operators the ability to remotely compromise a targeted device, then access its important information. For organizations facing nation-state level adversaries, the logical course of action is to therefore assume that all smartphones are compromised.

But this presents a key challenge: How do you deliver security enhancements to a smartphone that can’t be trusted? We built the Fulcrum Platform to address this challenge.

An icon featuring SafeCase and a smartphone
Smartphone-coupled but Independent

The Fulcrum Platform provides cloud-integrated services in conjunction with the SafeCase device – the hardware cornerstone of the Platform – independent of the commercial mobile device.

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The Platform was designed to a nation-state threat model standard with rigor across the entire system, in everything from architecture to development to hardware manufacturing.

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The Platform was designed to accommodate future capabilities leveraging SafeCase hardware and/or cloud-based intelligence.

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Fulcrum Platform Components

A powerful marriage of hardware, software and the cloud.

An icon featuring SafeCase
  • Couples with a smartphone to provide special-purpose security enhancements.
  • Provides physical/anti-surveillance capabilities including audio masking and camera blocking.
  • Provides independent, hardware-based SoC capabilities including processing and storage.
  • Supports additional hardware capabilities via custom backpacks.
An icon featuring a smartphone displaying apps
Privoro App
  • Provides user interface functions for the SafeCase device, including notifications.
  • Creates an outer tunnel and passes end-to-end encrypted inner tunnel data between SafeCase and the Fulcrum Cloud.
  • Verifies audio masking protections.
An icon featuring a cloud
Fulcrum Cloud
  • Handles SafeCase policy decisions, logging/reporting and device management.
  • Provides a management console for system administrators.
  • Supports current and future integrations with UEM, MDM and SIEM solutions.

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