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Our Story
[The ignition point]

The reports of mass surveillance in 2013 got us thinking about personal and private digital information in ways we'd never imagined. This, followed by an unending stream of media reports revealing the ways governments, corporations and hackers are gathering, storing, sharing and cross-referencing information, intrigued us to dig deeper—to learn more about the ways our digital devices open us up to unwarranted intrusion.
It was amazing what we learned.

Privacy is disappearing

It's not just governments. Corporations (data brokers, carriers, tech companies, retailers, consumer product firms and more) and individuals now have the ability to track and monitor social media, emails, texts, calls, browsing and search history, purchases via credit cards and store loyalty programs, even our movements, location and associations. The aggregate data creates a profile that may reveal things about us we'd rather keep private. Add audio and video data collection and the threats to personal privacy become even more obvious.

The trend is growing
[The Internet of Things]

Wherever you turn, your life is being instrumented and monitored. In addition to our phones, our TVs, light bulbs, thermostats, appliances, game consoles and even our cars have sensors and connections to the Internet, that in many cases are themselves fully operational, stand-alone computers. It's true for pretty much anything we can imagine: the world runs on technology. Internet of Things. Internet of Everything. Big Data. We've heard the buzzwords and they tell a tale: gathering information is the oxygen for the system.

Our Belief
[Privacy is a basic human right]

We love technology. We love what it enables. Wherever we go, we can stay connected, interact, get information. But, like anything else, it's a double-edged sword. That digital window can also be used to track and monitor us. And, just like pulling the curtains to your bedroom at night, we believe people should be able to pull down the shade to their technology window as well. We believe people should be able to control when they are tracked and monitored, versus it being the default setting.

We believe in being proactive

So we decided to do something about it. We set out to design and engineer devices that would allow you to retain an element of privacy in a world that's always listening and watching. Products that let you take advantage of technology without letting it take advantage of you.

We believe in rigor

If we are going to do something, we are going to do it right. And we are going to hit our performance goals regardless of cost. Because of that, we know our products won't be for everyone. They are for people who really care about protecting their privacy, including those people whose lives may depend on it.

Our Credentials

To deliver products that guard and secure the most important data of your company and private information in your life, we assembled a world-class team of engineers and product designers to bring our vision to life. Keeping our focus on delivering the highest level of protection, even when it meant engaging third-party companies to invent testing technologies for this unprecedented level of advancement. And, by never losing sight of what we were doing and why we were doing it, we now offer products that provide a breadth and depth of protection like no others in the world.


engineers with


master's degrees


published patents to
their names.

So where did we start?
[Your smartphone]

From our research, it looked like smartphones were ground zero. We saw a quote: "If you own a smartphone you're under surveillance." So that's where this journey began. We brought together the aforementioned world-class team of engineers, designers, product specialists and other experts to determine when you are being tracked and monitored by your phone. Our first solution: the Privoro privacy guard, which offers world-class protection from location tracking, remote hacking, video and audio surveillance for the iPhone 6/6s.

The Dogs
[A symbol and a promise]

It's hard to even think of a time when we didn't have technology to help guard and protect our homes, cars and businesses. But for thousands of years before technology, even up to today; guard dogs have protected what we value. Dating back to ancient Rome, these majestic and often terrorizing protectors sat as sentries to homes, stables and government offices, even fighting alongside their countrymen in battle.

The guard dog's role in history

While breed choices have changed through the years and vary around the globe, the guard dog's role has remained the same: to protect the ones it serves. This vigilance is why we chose the guard dog as the symbol of our company.

Privoro products are

unfazed by

Vigilant protection

Ready to strike at the first sign of intrusion, this loyal companion puts its owner's interests first, without hesitation. This symbol perfectly embodies the Privoro standard.

The Privoro privacy guard

Protect your digital privacy from invasion.