Configure, monitor and enforce policy

The Privoro policy engine provides a view into all SafeCase user actions

The Privoro policy engine makes it possible to monitor all actions taken on the SafeCase through independent, hardware-based mechanisms recorded in the Privoro Portal. These include everything from engaging and disengaging the camera and microphone protections or removing the smartphone from the SafeCase to when the SafeCase was last charged, its battery level and, optionally, location.

Extending policy enforcement via the paired mobile device

By integrating Privoro policy engine monitoring and reporting with an organizations existing Unified Endpoint Management or Mobile Device Management solution, administrators can take policy enforcement actions directly on the user’s mobile device. This could include sending violation notifications, activating the lock screen or even clearing specific apps so they can’t be utilized.

Policy engine advantages

Flexible camera and microphone policies

Instead of disabling cameras or microphones outright, administrators can enable users to utilize these sensors in appropriate work circumstances.

Custom geofences

Administrators can establish custom geofences around locations of concern and tie these into policies based on trusted location data communicated by the SafeCase.

Trusted reporting

Every SafeCase event is securely reported to the cloud and recorded in a non-repudiable audit log, providing high assurance of the paired mobile device’s past and present states.

The Privoro Portal

Through the web-based Privoro Portal, administrators can quickly configure policies and stay on top of policy violations.

  • Creat policies for specific users and groups
  • Tie geofences to policies
  • Leverage custom MDM attributes
  • Get notified of policy violations
  • Research SafeCase logs

Anatomy of a policy violation

User Action
  • Exposing the cameras (by raising the SafeCase hood)
  • Exposing the microphones (by pressing the SafeCase front button)
  • Preventing monitoring (by removing the mobile device from the SafeCase)
  • Entering a geofence

The user makes changes to the condition of the SafeCase (and/or paired mobile device) in violation of policy.


The SafeCase event is reported to the cloud over a secure data channel.

  • Portal: A policy alert may be sent via the Privoro Portal to the administrator, who may investigate the violation.
  • SafeCase: A challenge-response sequence may be initiated, requiring the user to perform an action on the SafeCase.
  • Mobile device (via MDM): The mobile device may be locked or wiped, or a custom action (such as sending an alert to the device) may occur.

The cloud’s policy engine triggers one or more actions.

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