Privoro Launches a Two-in-One Audio Masking Chamber and Radio Frequency Shield for Mobile Devices

Vault™ continues Privoro’s dedication to mobile device privacy, security and control and joins its industry-recognized mobile security solution, SafeCase.

Photo of Vault opened with a smartphone inside

Chandler, Ariz., March 30, 2021 -- Privoro, a leader in mobile security, today revealed its latest product, Vault, a first-of-its-kind defense against remote data capture. The Vault case is a two-in-one portable Faraday enclosure and audio masking chamber for smartphones, providing unsurpassed protection against not only wireless attacks and location tracking but also eavesdropping and spying.

Vault eliminates smartphone signals more effectively than portable, fabric-based Faraday products, delivering a minimum of 100 dB of radio frequency (RF) attenuation – 10 billion times signal reduction. When a smartphone is placed in the Vault case, the smartphone can no longer be reached via cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, near-field communication (NFC) and radio-frequency identification (RFID).

In addition to RF shielding, Vault’s user-controlled audio masking prevents the extraction of intelligible speech up to voice levels of 90 dBA through independent noise signals. Users will have the assurance that conversations in the vicinity of Vault cannot be deliberately captured by bad actors through the enclosed smartphone’s cameras and microphones.

Privoro developed Vault to meet the requirements of nation-state customers seeking to tackle the long-standing unique and critical security risks that mobile devices pose. Not only is device location data recorded by cell networks and specified apps by design, but, when remotely compromised by a bad actor, a smartphone can be used as a tracking, eavesdropping and spying device against its user. Misappropriated location data can potentially reveal sensitive places, associations and patterns, while captured audio may expose secrets and organizational inner workings.

“Many security-conscious organizations have struggled with how best to leverage mobile devices while mitigating their risks,” said Privoro CEO Mike Fong. “With the release of Vault, we’re excited to give government agencies and enterprises alike the ability to take the ultimate defensive posture against illicit data capture via untrusted commercial mobile devices.”

Vault joins SafeCase – a smartphone-coupled secure mobility device with integrated audio masking and camera blocking – in Privoro’s product lineup. Privoro was recently awarded a $37.1 million expansion to its U.S. Air Force agreement, resulting in a cross-agency partnership with the Defense Information Systems Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy to expand SafeCase adoption and develop critical capabilities around secure mobility.

Privoro, a technology company that designs and builds zero-trust mobile hardware systems in secure facilities located in the United States, works with government, customer, and partner organizations to provide high-security mobile solutions and enhance protection 24x7 for mobile users. For more details on Privoro and Vault, visit

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