Privoro Wins 2019 Govies Government Security Award for Best Cyber Defense Solution

Chandler, AZ | Apr 11, 2019 - Today, Privoro, a leading provider of mobile security hardware solutions, is pleased to announce that its SafeCase has won a 2019 Govies Government Security Award in the category of cyber defense solutions. The award, presented by leading industry publications Security Today and GovSec, recognizes industry-leading solutions that address security challenges facing the government market.

The SafeCase is a first-of-its-kind security companion for mobile devices that protects against the capture of data by compromised smartphone cameras and microphones. It uses hardware-based anti-surveillance protections – including proprietary audio masking technology – to ensure that even if the user’s smartphone is compromised and the cameras or microphones are remotely activated, a threat actor will be unable to capture any meaningful audio or visual data.

Leaders at the Department of Defense and other government organizations dealing with high-value information have long recognized that advanced mobile spyware targeting employees and their sensitive, off-device conversations poses a real threat, with potential national security implications. Historically, a lack of a viable solution for thwarting mobile eavesdropping means that many government agencies have resorted to smartphone bans, like that announced by the Pentagon in May of 2018.

Commenting on this achievement, Mike Fong, founder and CEO of Privoro said, "In order to address the risks associated with mobile surveillance, we set out to create an entirely new type of solution that meets the stringent security and accountability requirements of the most demanding government organizations. We are honored that the SafeCase has been recognized as an industry-leading solution by Security Today and GovSec."

Privoro will demonstrate its award-winning SafeCase at the finale of AFCEA’s Innovation Shark Tank on April 23rd at the Homeland Security Conference in Washington, DC.

About the Govies:
The Govies Government Security Awards, presented by 1105 Media’s Security Today, honor outstanding security products for federal, state, tribal and local governments in categories critical to government security professionals and their partners in the private sector. An independent panel of judges from the security industry selected the top entries in the 2019 categories and named them winners using criteria including features, innovation, user friendliness, interoperability, quality, design, market opportunity, impact in the security industry, technical advances and scalability.

About Privoro:
Founded on the belief that people deserve a way of opting out of the mobile revolution’s unwarranted collection of data and surveillance, Privoro looked beyond the vulnerable smartphone ecosystem and software-only solutions to pioneer first-of-its-kind mobile security hardware protections. Protections that allow individuals, enterprises and governments to take back control over their most important information. Today, a number of high-profile, security-conscious organizations are employing Privoro’s SafeCase – a unique mobile hardware accessory with an independent Hardware Root of Trust (HRoT) – to protect against mobile espionage. The core components of the SafeCase platform hold the keys to an exciting roadmap of high-security, hardware-based alternatives for a number of critical use cases. For more details on Privoro and the SafeCase, visit:

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