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The Privoro privacy guard

[for iMac computers]

Audio and video protections in a
[powerfully compact device.]

The privacy guard affixes to the top of your iMac to physically cover the camera, preventing others from using it to capture your business and personal life. Our proprietary Active Audio Masking drowns out human speech to both microphones, making it almost impossible for eavesdroppers to capture the conversations around your computer.


Engineered to fit seamlessly
[with your computer.]

In engineering the privacy guard for your iMac computer, we were hyper-conscious in creating a powerful privacy device that would also blend beautifully with the design, color and finish of the iMac itself. Right down to the cable management system that runs down the back of the screen. Simple to install and remove, this device provides unprecedented protections in a small package.

The Privoro privacy guard

[for iMac computers]

Tech Specs

Specifically designed

Speech intelligibility

For iMac

Speech presence

for the

masking up to

21.5" & 27"

masking up to


90 dBA


80 dBA

Active Audio Masking—jams all microphones
  • Masking of speech intelligibility up to 90 dBA
  • Masking the detection of the presence of speech up to 80 dBA

Charge with micro USB charger for wall outlet


Aluminum construction


To work exclusively with iMac monitors (21.5", 27" released 2013 and later)


2.9 ounces


Front: 2.10 inches (width) x 1.39 inches (height) x .28 inches (depth)

Back: 2.10 inches (width) x 2.63 inches (height) x .95 inches (depth)

Coming soon.
Coming soon.

The Privoro privacy guard

[for iMac computers.]