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Introducing the Privoro privacy guard

[for iPhone 6/6s]

This first-of-its-kind endpoint hardware device secures your phone's cameras, microphones and RF sensors from the threat of third-party surveillance.

Put the outside world on mute.



[Case] + [Hood Down] = audio masking

Safeguard your conversations from digital eavesdropping with patented audio protections that keep the things you say around your phone secure and private.

Two Forms of Audio Protection

  1. Sealed channels cover all phone microphones.
  2. Active Audio Masking technology drowns the microphones in noise to prevent speech recognition, making it nearly impossible for others to monitor or record the conversations happening anywhere near your phone. Plus, the noise is virtually imperceptible from the outside.

Status button indicates when Active Audio Masking is on or off.

You can still access phone features not requiring microphones:

  • Email
  • Texts
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Calendar
  • Apps
  • Internet
  • Wi-Fi

To place or receive a call or to access a digital assistant like Siri or Alexa, raise the hood. When hood is raised, no audio protections are engaged.

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Drop the curtain
on prying eyes.



[Case] + [Hood Down] = video/camera block

The case in the hood-down position covers all cameras on your iPhone 6/6s, so the only things that get shared are the things you choose.

Camera/Video Protection

  • The specially engineered hood at the top of the case slides down to cover both front and back cameras.

Access phone features not requiring camera:

  • Email
  • Texts
  • Music
  • Photos
  • Calendar
  • Apps
  • Internet
  • Wi-Fi

If you want to take a photo or shoot a video, simply slide the hood into the up position and all cameras are ready to use.

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That's your business.


[Case] + [Cover] = complete radio frequency protection

When the cover and case lock together, you're more than "off the grid": you're invisible and untraceable.

Protection from Remote RF Hacking and Location Tracking

  • The combination of case and cover creates a Faraday cage around your phone
  • Unsurpassed 110+ dB of RF attenuation means:
    • No cell tower connection
    • No Wi-Fi connection
    • No Bluetooth connection
    • No GPS connection
    • No radio frequency connection (RF)
    • No near field communication/radio frequency identification (NFC/RFID)

Additionally: Audio- and camera-protected

  • Microphones are physically covered
    • Active Audio Masking can be turned on for another layer of protection
  • Cameras are physically covered

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Engineered to deliver
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From the outside, the Privoro privacy guard for the iPhone 6/6s looks deceptively simple, but this proprietary device is embedded with technologies capable of putting mobile security and privacy back into your hands.

Engineering Specs


Audio intelligibillity

Sound presence

Battery life

110+ dB

masking up to

masking up to

a minimum of

of RF protection

90 dBA

80 dBA

48 HRS


Our first-of-its-kind combination of audio protections has been engineered, tested and calibrated to safeguard you from audio surveillance.

  • Sealed audio channels surround all microphones.
  • Completely randomized noise transmissions, a separate and independent one for each microphone.
    • The Active Audio Masking noise profile is not pseudo-random or looped, but truly random. This prevents would-be listeners from cracking the sound code or recording a loop from one guard to subtract it from another − getting access to your confidential conversations.
    • Intelligibility masking up to 90 dBA (average speech levels are 55-65 dBA).
    • Presence (sound/speech) masking up to 80 dBA
      • Tested at 1 meter from audio source
    • A sensor detects if your phone is in the case and the hood is in the up or down position − activating audio masking when the hood is down.
    • The iPhone 6s has a fourth microphone for which your privacy guard has a specific, independent audio jammer. This mic is not yet available for use by Apple-approved apps, so while the Active Audio Masking feature is working, you will not be able record and play back that transmitted signal using the Privoro App. We will update this functionality as soon as Apple releases access to the fourth mic. Please keep your Privoro app updated to get the latest functionality.
    • Note: Screen protectors should not be used with the privacy guard. The screen protector will interfere with the audio protection features.
Audio Testing

Our acoustical engineering specialists sought the most sophisticated software and state-of-the-art labs in an attempt to crack our noise profile, allowing us to fine-tune the privacy guard until we reached an unprecedented level of audio undetectability.


The Privoro privacy guard for the iPhone 6/6s creates a barrier to all cameras, with the case in the hood-down position − cover on or off.

  • Physical blocks mechanically cover your iPhones's high-resolution cameras when the hood is down, ensuring total protection from camera/video surveillance.
Radio Frequency (RF) Cover

The Privoro privacy guard for the iPhone 6/6s features our patent-pending, proprietary, two-component sealing system, which forms an impenetrable Faraday cage around your phone.

  • Solid construction for lightweight conductivity.
  • Unsurpassed 110+ dB of RF protection, which attenuates RF signals by a factor of at least 100 billion up to 6 GHz.
  • RF sealing mechanisms engineered to ensure device integrity after 10,000+ cycles of applying and removing the cover.

Both case and phone charge when case is connected to a power source. The battery provides a minimum of 48 hours of continuous Active Audio Masking protection. The indicator light will notify you when it is time to recharge by alternating white and red.


Your phone can be charged with the cover on or off. And with of our patent-pending DC pass-through filter, the integrity of the Faraday cage remains intact, maintaining 110+ dB of RF protection while you charge.

  • Charge with Micro-USB or standard wall outlet.
    • Using the Micro-USB port and any standard Micro-USB power cord/adapter (one is included), you can charge the batteries of both your phone and case at the same time. During charging, the indicator light will alternate white and amber until the battery is fully charged, at which time it will alternate white and green.

Cover: 5.6 ounces (159 grams)
Case: 5.7 ounces (162 grams)

Designed to work
seamlessly with your
phone and digital life.

It wasn't enough for us to simply make a security device that would guard you from surveillance; we knew we had to make it fit into your digital life, and work seamlessly with the devices you use and love.

Design Features


Indicator light

Toggle between



bright and dim




Easy Loading

The Lightning connector inside the case tilts out slightly to make loading and removing your phone from the case easier.

Audio Protection On/Off Button (The Indicator Light)

Press the status button for two seconds to activate/deactivate Active Audio Masking. Why two seconds? So the bump of a button doesn't accidentally turn audio protection off just when you need it most.

Native Button Access

When the cover is off you have full access to the native buttons and switches on your phone without a single compromise to the protections.

Bright/Dim Mode

Once the indicator light is on, simply tap the button to toggle between bright and dim LED modes. Bright mode is the best setting to show others your phone is not recording.

Light Pipe

Even with the hood down, the case passes light to your phone's ambient light sensor so it can adjust appropriately.

Textured Grip

The RF seal is what keeps the cover in place when connected to the case. The case edges are textured and the cover edges are rubberized to make the cover easy to remove.

Verify your protection with the Privoro app

Delivering products that help secure your data and protect your privacy is our primary goal. For even more assurance that we are delivering on that goal, we've developed the Privoro app. When installed on the phone that's placed in the case, this app enables you to run a variety of tests to track the performance of your privacy guard, gauging its minute-by-minute protection and confirming that the integrity of the cover and case have not been compromised.The app uses a two-factor authentication scheme (what you have and what you know) for the privacy guard's audio and radio frequency protections.

Audio Testing

The app shows that each one of the privacy guard audio jammers is broadcasting noise into the corresponding microphone of your phone-rendering indistinguishable your conversations and anything else audible. This gives you:

  • The ability to record the jamming signal received by each microphone individually
  • Playback of those recordings to determine if anything can be distinguished over the jamming signal
  • The ability to determine how loud you would have to talk before a recording reveals what you are saying with the protection activated
  • Note: The iPhone 6s has a fourth microphone for which your privacy guard has a specific, independent audio jammer. This mic is not yet available for use by Apple-approved apps, so while the Active Audio Masking feature is working, you will not be able to record and play back that transmitted signal using the Privoro app. We will update this functionality as soon as Apple releases access to the fourth mic. Please keep your Privoro app updated to get the latest functionality.

Radio Frequency Testing

With the cover and case connected, the Privoro app can verify that the RF signals your phone receives are reduced to undetectable levels. RF transmissions are used to track and record your whereabouts, and include:

  • Connections to cell towers
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • NFC/RFID, the technologies used to track, trace and record your whereabouts