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Privoro privacy guard

Sophisticated, secure, remarkably simple to use.

Ease of implementing new security solutions into the enterprise workflow remains one of the top reasons Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) site for putting off integrating new products and technologies. But with the Privoro privacy guard, stopping cybercriminals from hijacking workforce smartphones to eavesdrop, spy on, and track user movements is an easy, out-of-the-box solution.

Simple: Insert iPhone 6 or 6s into the privacy guard case. Lower hood − active audio masking jams all microphones while mechanical covers block both cameras. Slip the cover over the case and lock into place to create a Faraday cage around the iPhone − eliminating the ability for third-parties to track user movements or remotely hack into the phone.

Full use of phone features with most protections engaged.

Secure: A hardened, air gapped platform, the privacy guard provides no back doors into its protective electronics and firmware.

  • Privoro app provides real time, two-factor authenticated testing of both audio and RF protections