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Secure Management

Nimble risk management for the mobile edge.

The Problem

Administrators aren’t always getting a clear picture of users, devices and adherence to established policies.

Whether offering limited visibility or piggybacking on a smartphone’s vulnerable communications, existing mobile security solutions make it difficult to know with certainty what’s really happening.

The Privoro Solution

Robust, closed-system enforcement and reporting.

Policy Enforcement

Secure Communications

Granular Visibility

Policy Enforcement

Dynamic control for the dynamic organization.

The Privoro Portal makes it easy to establish and enforce a robust set of policies (including geofences) at the individual, group or organization level.

Secure Communications

Cloud and case, closed.

A dual-tunnel-encrypted communications channel between SafeCase and the cloud ensures that policy configurations, firmware updates and reporting data are protected from monitoring and manipulation.

Granular Visibility

Clarity without parity.

In addition to real-time location and status tracking, the Privoro Portal provides dynamic reporting for analyzing trends and behaviors over time.

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