Protecting the privacy and security of your most sensitive and personal information

A single conversation could cost you everything.

Smartphone sensors (microphones, cameras and RF) offer a wealth of unfiltered access into the day-to-day, real-time lives of everyday people, exposing the most sensitive conversations with family, work colleagues, friends, professionals and others where private and valuable information is shared. And the threat extends to wherever users take their phones – behind the closed doors of important meetings, into their homes, to their places of worship, at play and more.

Just a few of the sensitive topics discussed around smartphones that Privoro can help you protect:

  • Tax records
  • Banking and loan information
  • Credit history
  • Personal financial data
  • Estate planning information
  • Charitable giving activity

Data collection from smartphones can be used to stitch together information previously not available or documented, often in a more timely fashion than what is available via other means of collection, as the most sensitive information is typically discussed before it is reduced to writing. To a high-worth individual this can mean your privacy, your fortune, your life's work or your reputation.

Some of the most exposed individuals:

  • Executives
  • Elected officials
  • High-net-worth individuals
  • Philanthropists
  • Entrepreneurs

As overwhelming as it is to protect smartphones across all the layers of the ecosystem, what's even more concerning is the lack of tools available to analyze, detect and protect them from vulnerabilities. Today's best practices allow for policing apps, encrypting data and looking for anomalies. But solutions for the full smartphone ecosystem doesn't yet exist, and this leaves companies and individuals at the mercy of the malicious actor, organization or nation state who's trying to gain a competitive, political, personal or financial advantage.

Stopping mobile espionage requires a sophisticated combination of hardware, software and industrial design. The Privoro Privacy Guard is an air-gapped, hardened hardware appliance that fits around and over your smartphone to stop surveillance by jamming the microphones, covering the cameras and reducing the RF signals to a point where location tracking is nearly impossible. When the audio and camera protections are engaged, you have access to all of your phone's features except those using the microphones and cameras. The RF cover puts your phone in an undetectable/untraceable mode that is most beneficial when you need to be "off the grid" or when passing through choke-points where your phone may be compromised by cell interceptors.


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