Location tracking is baked into smartphone usage. We help you stop it.

Location tracking gives trackers the opportunity to discover your sensitive locations and infer your habits, preferences and associations. We can help you control the broadcasting of smartphone location data.

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Key benefits

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Protect sensitive locations

Whether you want to hide a secret military base or the headquarters of a potential acquisition target, you can physically deny outsiders the ability to identify locations of interest.

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Block insights into your life

By keeping location breadcrumbs to a minimum, you’re less likely to be identified, meaningfully analyzed or subjected to additional attention based on your location history.

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Go with confidence

Instead of remembering to manually adjust smartphone settings whenever location privacy is warranted, simply insert your device into Vault™ and you’re good to go.



Vault combines RF shielding and audio masking to keep your smartphone from relaying locations and in-person conversations to unauthorized third parties.

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