The world is teeming with untrusted wireless signals. We help you shield your device from them.

From fake cell towers to rogue access points, threat actors have a number of ways to leverage smartphone radio signals to stealthily sniff traffic, exfiltrate data and even deliver malware. We can help you shield yourself from wireless leaks and attacks.

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Key benefits

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Cut off opportunities for spyware installs

In cutting off a key avenue through which threat actors can stealthily deliver malware, you can mitigate the risk that your smartphone will become a spying device turned against you.

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Deny rogue connections

By preventing connections to adversary-operated equipment, you deny threat actors the ability to look for valuable information within your network traffic.

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Go with confidence

With Vault™, you don’t have to remember to manually power down your smartphone or turn off individual radios when navigating contested areas.



Vault combines RF shielding and audio masking to keep your smartphone from relaying locations and in-person conversations to unauthorized third parties.

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