Protecting professionals from compliance-shattering security leaks

A single conversation could cost you your license.

Smartphone sensors (microphones, cameras and RF) offer a wealth of unfiltered access into the day-to-day, real-time operations of any business or organization, exposing the most sensitive conversations of professionals and clients. The threat extends to wherever users take their phones – behind the closed doors of important meetings, into areas where sensitive information is being processed, the offices of clients and partners and even into the privacy of their own home.

Are you equipped to manage today's most ubiquitous confidentiality security risks?

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  • Information Technology
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Attorney/client privilege is crucial to any individual or organization that seeks to practice law. An information leak during a privileged conversation can mean catastrophe for a client or attorney in the court of public opinion. These kinds of leaks often have devastating effects on legal reputations, and can lead to career-ending revelations of privileged case details or company developments. For those in the legal profession, the Privoro Privacy Guard is not only the first line of defense against such hacks, but a recognized symbol of the commitment to a client's privacy.

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The responsibility for providing accurate measurement, assurance and disclosure of sensitive financial data on a day-to-day basis requires both trust and reliability. Whether you work for The Big Four auditors, or earned the privilege to practice under the AICPA in the commerce or public sector, a breach of security into sensitive financial information can severely damage your credibility and potentially hold you liable for professional misconduct. Guarantee that financial data is secure from mobile surveillance hacks with a Privoro Privacy Guard.

Notable Incidents

  • "CPA hacked; tax info stolen": "Lyons & Lyons, a certified public accountant firm based in Ridgefield and Fairfield, is currently working with the U.S. Secret Service, the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS's Criminal Investigation unit on an ongoing "cyber breach" criminal investigation" - The Ridgefield Press, May 2013
  • "Officials warn 500 million financial records hacked": "Federal officials warned companies Monday that hackers have stolen more than 500 million financial records over the past 12 months, essentially breaking into banks without ever entering a building." – USA Today, October 2014
  • "What to do AFTER your financial advisor gets hacked": "Your first reaction may be to fire your financial advisor on the spot. That is the initial reaction almost everyone we talk to has. However, this is exactly what you should not do." – CNBC, February 2016

Information Technology

Information Technology professionals often have privileged access to some of a company's most valuable resources. Preparing a new patch for a software product, a new build for the company's website, even the login passwords for a company's most secure data vaults. This information must absolutely be protected from the prying eyes of competitors or nefarious actors looking to capitalize on a data breach. If you hold the keys to some of the most secure information a company protects, consider proving your commitment to privacy with the Privoro Privacy Guard. You cannot prevent every mobile phone hack, but you can ensure that the hackers get none of the sensitive information they are looking for, even after a device has been compromised.

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HIPPA compliance is a top concern. Highly sensitive healthcare records of patients of all types enter your systems, and it is your legal responsibility to safeguard that information. HIPPA violations can cost healthcare businesses millions in lawsuits, and securing that guarded information is becoming more and more difficult with the rate of technological innovation. Stay ahead of the curve and insure your business against mobile espionage with the Privoro Privacy Guard. Make mobile surveillance a headache that you don't have to worry about.

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Privoro Protects the sensitive information discussed around smartphones

Data collection from smartphones can be used to stitch together information previously not available or documented, often in a more timely fashion than what is available via other means of collection, as the most sensitive information is typically discussed before it is reduced to writing. To a professional services company, this could mean your license, your reputation, your standing, or worse.

As overwhelming as it is to protect smartphones across all the layers of the supply chain, what's even more concerning is the lack of tools available to analyze, detect and protect them from vulnerabilities. Today's best practices allow for policing apps, encrypting data and looking for anomalies. But solutions for the full smartphone ecosystem doesn't yet exist, and this leaves companies and users at the mercy of the malicious actor, organization or nation state who's trying to gain a competitive, political, market or financial advantage.

Stopping mobile espionage requires a sophisticated combination of hardware, software and industrial design. The Privoro Privacy Guard is an air-gapped, hardened hardware appliance that fits around and over your smartphone to stop surveillance by jamming the microphones, covering the cameras and reducing the RF signals to a point where location tracking is nearly impossible. When the audio and camera protections are engaged, you have access to all of your phone's features except those using the microphones and cameras. The RF cover puts your phone in an undetectable/untraceable mode that is most beneficial when you need to be "off the grid" or when passing through choke-points where your phone may be compromised by cell interceptors.


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