Simple, sophisticated, remarkably secure.

Protecting smartphone sensors from malicious actors requires a sophisticated combination of hardware, software and industrial design.

Breaking down the two-component system.

The Case – our Proprietary Security Platform; Audio and Camera/Video protection

The case goes beyond simply covering cameras and microphones by leveraging our patent-pending hood design and proprietary audio jamming technology.

Audio Protection

Our first-of-its-kind combination of audio protections has been engineered, tested and calibrated to safeguard you from audio surveillance.

A more comprehensive approach to audio protection.

  • Active Audio Masking

    Completely randomized noise transmissions drown each microphone in truly random noise.

  • Audio Testing

    Our acoustical engineering specialists sought the most sophisticated software and state-of-the-art labs in an attempt to test and crack our noise profile, allowing us to fine-tune the smartphone guard until we reached an unprecedented level of audio undetectability.

  • Sealed Channels

    Sealed audio channels surround all microphones.

  • Sensor Detection

    A sensor detects if your phone is in the case and the hood is up or down — activating audio masking when the hood is down.

Audio Masking Protection Chart

Tested one meter from audio source.

What about microphone 4? The iPhone 6s has a fourth microphone for which your Privacy Guard has a specific, independent and tested audio jammer. This mic is not yet available for use by Apple-approved apps, so while the Active Audio Masking feature is working, you will not be able to record and play back that transmitted signal using the Privoro app. We will update this functionality as soon as Apple releases access to the fourth mic. Please keep your Privoro app updated to get the latest functionality.

Screen protectors should not be used with the Privacy Guard. The screen protector will interfere with audio protection features.

Video Protection

The specially engineered hood slides down to create a physical barrier, covering both front and back cameras.

Hood Up
Hood Down

Hood Up

Both cameras available for photos or video, including FaceTime or apps requiring the camera.

Hood Down

Full protection from Camera/Video Surveillance.

Privacy Guard Case Features

  • Audio protection on/off button
    (The Indicator Light/Privoro Logo)

    Press the indicator button for two seconds to activate/deactivate Active Audio Masking. Why two seconds? So the bump of a button doesn't accidentally turn audio protection off just when you need it most.

  • Easy Loading

    The Lighting connecter inside the case is tilted slightly to make loading and removing your phone from the case easier.

  • Bright/Dim Mode

    Once the indicator light is on, simply tap the button to toggle between bright and dim LED modes. Bright mode is the best setting to show others that your phone is not recording.

  • Light pipe

    Even with the hood down, the case senses the level of light around you so your phone's ambient light sensor can adjust appropriately.

  • Native Button Access

    When the cover is off you have full access to the native buttons and switches on your phone without a single compromise to the protections.

  • Textured Grip

    The RF seal is what keeps the cover in place when connected to the case. The case edges are textured and the cover edges are rubberized to make the cover easy to remove.

  • Remarkably Secure

    Air-gapped, hardened platform provides no back doors into its protective electronics and firmware. Tamper-evident.

NOTE: The hood has been engineered and cycle tested over 60,000+ times to ensure consistent audio protection for up to three years.

The Cover — our Proprietary RF Shield; Radio Frequency Protection

Protection from location tracking and remote RF hacking.

RF Protection

When you combine the cover and the case you gain the protection of our
 patent-pending, proprietary, two-component sealing system which forms an impenetrable Faraday cage around your phone.

Protection from location tracking

RF Protections

This is the highest level of known RF protection in a removable Faraday cage, so for those serious about reducing/eliminating your RF footprint, there is no better choice than Privoro.

This unsurpassed protection from RF signals means no connection to:


Protection from remote rf hacking

Reduction of RF signals keeps smartphones protected against cell interceptors (IMSI-catchers, etc.).

NOTE: The RF sealing mechanisms have been engineered and tested to withstand 10,000+ cycles while still delivering unrivaled RF protection.

Audio and RF Protections have been Tested and Validated

Our proprietary protections have gone through thousands of hours of testing and validation by third-party experts. See their comprehensive reports below:

Salter Report

Privoro Privacy Guard Acoustic Validation

Charles M. Salter Associates Inc.

Blue Flux Report

Privoro Privacy Guard Radio Frequency Attenuation Validation


NTS Report

Privoro Privacy Guard Radio Frequency Attenuation Validation


The Privoro app provides real-time verification that audio and RF protections are working.