Trusted Hardware

A pillar of certainty in a zero-trust world.

The Problem

Smartphones can’t be trusted with sensitive data in their vicinity.

Smartphone cameras and microphones present a unique opportunity for surveillance that threat actors have only recently started to exploit. Increasingly sophisticated forms of malware can turn smartphones into listening and spying devices, putting sensitive conversations and visual details at risk.

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The Privoro Solution

Mobile protection through stand-alone, high-security hardware.

Hardware Root of Trust

Trusted Execution

Isolated Components

Hardware Root of Trust

Secure to the core.

Each SafeCase relies on its own hardware root of trust (HRoT) to serve as a secure foundation for the mobile protections enabled by the case.

Trusted Execution

Minimum attack surface, maximum confidence.

Through strict code signing and authentication, SafeCase’s processor is used exclusively for running authenticated firmware.

Isolated Components

Smartphone capabilities without smartphone vulnerabilities.

SafeCase has its own components – processor, memory, wireless communications and more – that are completely isolated from the paired smartphone.

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