In September 2018, it was revealed that an advanced form of spyware known as Pegasus has been operational in as many as 45 countries.


For as long as there have been corporations, there’s been corporate espionage. Today, the game is played among not just competitors, but well-funded nation-states and hacker groups working on their behalf. And these actors have a valuable tool at their disposal: the ability to remotely hijack the microphones of a target’s smartphone in order to listen in on conversations happening in the vicinity of the device. CEOs and other C-level officers make the most attractive targets for this form of mobile espionage, as these high-level employees discuss privileged information across all parts of the business, whether in the boardroom or on international travel.


The latest forms of spyware are designed to outsmart mobile security measures, taking advantage of weaknesses at both the system and user level. Making matters worse, there’s simply no way for a victim to know if an outsider is listening to their conversations through their smartphone. From captured conversations, competitors can potentially discover trade secrets (to compromise time to market), company strategies (to undermine cost or differentiation advantages) and company weaknesses (to leverage for strategic advantage). Unfortunately, it’s not feasible to simply turn off the device’s microphones when not being used for a phone call with the board or for capturing strategy ideas in an audio memo.


Enterprises at risk of corporate espionage can adopt SafeCase to protect the most sensitive conversations taking place inside and outside of office walls. Each employee working with high-value information — including the CEO and other members of the C-suite — is issued a high-security smartphone case that neutralizes potentially compromised microphones through intelligent audio masking. Executives can still use their smartphones to go about their day-to-day business, utilizing the email, messaging, and cloud storage capabilities already on their devices. In essence, SafeCase gives organizations another layer of protection against the capture of their most prized information.

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