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Walls don't talk,
but digital devices
can see and hear.

What was once thought a sanctuary for your company's most important conversations may now be the place at greatest risk for a data breach.

Securing your intellectual property
[Protecting data]

Today, smartphones are synonymous with business. But these tools of the trade are also fast becoming the greatest eavesdropping and tracking devices ever. This makes securing the microphones, cameras and RF connections paramount in the protection of your organization.

Take a journey through the
day of a business traveler

See where your phone is at risk for breaches and
how to take back your privacy.

6:35 PM

Private limo to airport

5:25 AM

(next day) Land in corporate jet; location services disabled

7:55 AM

Michelin four-star hotel check-in

10:00 AM

All-day meeting to negotiate deal, two years in the making

9:30 PM

Red-eye home; successful trip with no breaches in privacy thanks to Privoro privacy guard; martini celebration


Remote location tracking; destination JFK International Terminal


Location tracking blocked


Battery enables remote location tracking; arrive international law firm's London office; sixth trip in two months


Location tracking blocked


Wi-Fi hacked; guests exposed to covert malware that gathers data


Remote hacking averted with cover engaged


Camera and microphone remotely turned on; multi-billion dollar competitive acquisition bid against Asian firm revealed


Audio and video surveillance denied with case in hood-down position

Privoro privacy guard. Helping you take back control of your digital privacy.

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The Privoro privacy guard

Protect your digital privacy from invasion.