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A tech-enabled life is
[simply better.]

From your alarm in the morning to lights out at night, your phone is with you every minute of the day. Keep it safe from intruders.

Personal Privacy
[You in control]

Your life is enhanced by being at the forefront of what's new in technology. The "Internet of Things" keeps you connected. This makes life easier and in many ways, more rewarding. But these advances can also open new doors for the security of your information and your privacy to be compromised.

Take a journey through the
day of a tech enthusiast

See where your phone is at risk for breaches and
how to take back your privacy.

6:45 AM

Phone alarm/NPR streaming from music app

9:00 AM

Confidential client meeting

11:30 AM

Text from sister; needs pickup at drug rehab center (where she works)

7:04 PM

Home; dinner and then TV; adjust thermostat from phone

10:15 PM

In bed:
You're in control of what gets shared about
your life


Apps turn on your microphone; morning conversations reveal upcoming client meeting details


Audio and video surveillance denied with case in hood-down position


Malware in downloaded game app takes its own picture; leaked to Internet; client fires firm; HR writes you up


Make privacy your default setting; keep hood down for privacy unless you want to take a picture


Locations and driving patterns tracked; data brokers share info with insurance companies


Location tracking blocked, context can't be used against you


Camera and microphone remotely turned on; personal details of the day revealed


Audio and video surveillance denied with case in the hood-down position

Privoro privacy guard. Helping you take back control of your digital privacy.

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