A Galaxy S22 phone, featuring the logos for Samsung and Privoro, inside a SafeCase


We’ve teamed up with Samsung to bring you even more control.

You can now confidently disable the radios in your commercial mobile device via a powerful new SafeCase-Galaxy integration.

Enable secure mobility with Privoro and take back control

As the leader in hardware-based mobile security, our capabilities serve as backstops that provide security and control even when your smartphone has been compromised or otherwise targeted.

Phones in classified spaces

Empower your team to work in more places without the fear of illicit audio and video capture.

Solution Overview
Prevent mobile surveillance

Protect sensitive conversations and visuals from being swept up via mobile eavesdropping and spying.

Solution Overview
Stop location tracking

Prevent threat actors from gaining valuable insights by tracking your movements.

Protect Your Location
Prevent wireless attacks

Stop threat actors from inserting mobile malware via IMSI catcher or other rogue wireless attack methods.

Protect Your Phone
Hide from RF detection

Opt out of remote monitoring and tracking without drawing unwanted attention from adversaries.

Become Invisible

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Privoro products enable smartphone users to elevate their security posture by limiting the data available to hackers and spies even if the phone has been compromised.

Safecase product


SafeCase is a smartphone-coupled security device providing unprecedented defense against illicit camera and microphone usage while allowing full use of the phone.

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Vault product


Vault combines RF shielding and audio masking to keep your smartphone from relaying locations and in-person conversations to unauthorized third parties.

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Fulcrum logo

Fulcrum Secure Mobility Platform

The Fulcrum Secure Mobility Platform delivers hardware-backed, cloud-integrated security enhancements to commercial mobile devices.

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Privoro enables government and corporate customers to protect sensitive information through independent, hardware-backed mobile solutions.


We help government agencies utilize commercial off-the-shelf mobile devices without feeding critical information to adversaries.


Protect your company’s information from being swept up by unauthorized third parties through the compromised smartphones of key personnel.

Privoro’s P.O.V. in the press

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