Introducing Safecase

What if a security company made a smartphone case?

Privoro introduces SafeCase. A case that puts organizations back in control by providing hardware-based protections that circumvent the vulnerabilities of off-the-shelf smartphones.

High-security hardware that blocks cameras, jams microphones and provides unprecedented user and device management.

Trusted Hardware
Trusted Hardware

SafeCase is built with high-security hardware - isolated from the user's smartphone.


SafeCase provides protection against audio and video surveillance.

Secure Management
Secure Management

SafeCase includes a secure cloud component that actively monitors for policy compliance.

RSA 2019

The advantages of high-security mobile hardware

Use Case: National Security

SafeCase for secure spaces.

In response to the real threat of hijacked smartphone cameras and microphones, certain high-value government buildings have banned personal mobile devices from areas containing classified information. SafeCase enables new policies for using smartphones within these secure spaces.

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