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What could be more valuable than the details of your life? At Privoro, we are committed to the belief that there is nothing more important. That's why we're creating an entirely new class of privacy-enhancing products that guard you from digital intrusion.

Simple. Sophisticated. Remarkably secure.

Helping you take back control of your digital privacy means delivering devices that guard against real-world threats and fit seamlessly with the devices you already use and love.

What makes your phone vulnerable?

While today's smartphones are incredible tools, these devices are open to intrusion.

On/Off Button

Even when turned off, your phone can be tracked and turned on remotely.

Location Tracking

Cell towers, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and near-field communication/radio frequency identification (NFC/RFID) leave your phone open to location tracking.


Microphones on today's smartphones are both incredibly sensitive and are able to be turned on remotely; allowing eavesdroppers to capture the conversations taking place anywhere near your phone.


Your camera can be switched on remotely, allowing hackers to capture video and still images of your life and the people in it at their will.

Introducing the Privoro privacy guard for desktop computers.

Coming soon.

The Privoro privacy guard

Protect your digital privacy from invasion.