Concerned about the vulnerability of millions of smartphones using the Broadcom WiFi chip? Click here to download our whitepaper on Mobile Espionage to understand who needs protection and why.


Taking a stand to protect
[what's important to you.]

As the microphones, cameras and other sensors on smartphones and other digital devices become growing vulnerabilities to the security of your company, as well as to your personal privacy, Privoro is leading the way in creating hardware solutions that go beyond encryption to protect your most important data.

Simple. Sophisticated. Remarkably secure.

Keep cybercriminals from watching, listening and tracking your every move with endpoint security that fits seamlessly with your life and business.

Take control of your electronic devices
[to secure] confidential and sensitive data.

In an increasingly exposed, sensor-driven world of overreaching apps, malicious cyberattacks and unauthorized surveillance, Privoro's proprietary technology protects you against audio surveillance, video surveillance, location tracking and remote radio frequency hacking.

What you Say

[Audio Masking]

What you See

[Video/Camera Block]

Where you Go

[RF Attenuation]

Full use of phone features with most protections engaged