Stay one step ahead of smartphone-based espionage.

In today’s environment, every business is a potential espionage target and every smartphone is a potential spying device. Privoro uniquely addresses key mobile risks to keep an organization’s most important information out of the wrong hands.

An office worker checking their smartphone contained within SafeCase


An icon featuring a microphone and camera within a shield

Prevent your smartphone from listening and watching.

Executives, board members and others who frequently hold discussions involving confidential information can do so in the presence of their smartphones without fear of eavesdropping or spying.

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Stop location tracking.

From M&A teams performing due diligence to investigative journalists running down a story, those needing to minimize evidence of meetings can stop broadcasting their locations while in the vicinity of these areas.

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Shut out wireless attacks.

Business travelers can shield their smartphones from fake cell towers and rogue access points when traveling through chokepoints and other high-risk areas.

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Disappear from the cellular network.

Rather than disconnecting from the cellular network and potentially drawing unwanted attention, personnel can instead quietly “go dark” without alerting adversaries.

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