Protecting an ever-growing mobile workforce against advanced threats.

The complexity of protecting sensitive corporate information grows exponentially with every passing day. With a largely mobile workforce and BYOD requiring access at the security edge – as well as sensitive information and conversations of all sorts being shared outside company and partner walls – enterprise security professionals are now challenged with finding the balance of protecting mobile device data and maintaining legacy systems in a quickly changing security landscape.

We are currently working with corporate clients to help them protect sensitive and confidential conversations and visual detail from being swept up by compromised smartphone microphones and cameras.

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Our solution

Hardware serves as the cornerstone of the Privoro Platform.

The Privoro Platform is the first to combine hardware-based mobile security, cloud-integrated software and secure communications to build a baseline of trust – independent of the vulnerable off-the-shelf mobile device – on which high-security features and capabilities can be built.

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Hardware-based mobile security is here.