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Stay protected from targeted smartphone surveillance.


Smartphones have a front-row seat to valuable corporate data.

As smartphones have become indispensable tools within modern enterprises, threat actors have turned their attention to these devices. Sophisticated hackers have demonstrated the ability to turn smartphones into surveillance points, capturing audio and imagery without leaving a trace. The failure of existing mobile security solutions to fully protect against this new breed of attack has left security professionals scrambling.


Managing the threat of hijacked cameras and microphones.

Preventing corporate espionage

Conversations and visual details shared in the vicinity of a mobile device may reveal a company's most valuable intellectual property, like original research and early product-development plans. This proprietary information can be leveraged by competitors to erase any market advantages.

Protecting high-profile employees

Given their pay, power and prestige, high-profile employees make attractive targets for smartphone surveillance. Such corporate espionage – in addition to being an invasion of privacy – may reveal embarrassing details and other information about the subject, opening the door to compromise.

Maintaining public trust

From ongoing litigation to HR disputes, internal company dealings may be magnified when seen from an outside perspective. Smartphone surveillance can lead to such details being leaked to the world, eroding public trust and raising questions about the company’s security posture.


Protect the sensitive conversations and visual details around smartphones.

With SafeCase, intelligent audio and video protections actively shut out mobile surveillance, enabling users to take their smartphones into sensitive conversations and locations.

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