Smartphone Anti-Surveillance

Powerful protection against smartphone audio and video surveillance.

The Problem

Smartphones can’t be trusted with sensitive data in their vicinity.

Increasingly sophisticated forms of malware can turn smartphone microphones and cameras into listening and spying devices, putting sensitive conversations and visual details at risk.

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The Privoro Solution

Smartphone surveillance has finally met its match.

Intelligent Audio Masking

Camera Blocking

Take-Anywhere Protection

Intelligent audio masking

Keep private conversations private

The SafeCase utilizes patented, proprietary technology to ensure that a conversation’s content (the words spoken) and context (accents, tones, number of participants, etc.) are unidentifiable to even the most seasoned audio forensics expert.

Camera blocking

Stop unwarranted image capture in its tracks.

A physical barrier over each of the smartphone’s cameras prevents intruders from observing or recording any visual data in the device’s vicinity.

Take-Anywhere Protection

Remove barriers to employee productivity and workplace harmony.

Anti-surveillance features allow government and enterprise users to take their personal smartphones into secure spaces and high-level meetings without restriction.

SafeCase with Anti-Surveillance Data Sheet
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