Work smarter within secure spaces or wherever your mission takes you.

SafeCase, as the first mobile device approved by the NTSWG for usage within secure spaces, is a critical enabler of compliance with policies like NNSA’s ACD 470.6 and CNSS Directive No. 510.

A military conference room with individuals using or owning SafeCase devices

In the office

Privoro’s smartphone risk mitigations are currently in trial across a variety of high-security organizations within the Federal government in an effort to re-introduce these devices into currently restricted office environments.

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Meeting the Federal agency requirements to smartphone restrictions.

We’re working to help agencies drive mission success and increase productivity.

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In the field

Whether running a covert operation or just carpooling to the office, Federal personnel can now protect themselves from the remote monitoring and surveillance risks inherent in smartphone usage.

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Prevent your smartphone from listening and watching.

In the event of remote capture via the device’s cameras and microphones, smartphone users can keep sensitive information from slipping out in the form of in-person conversations and visuals.

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Stop location tracking.

Individuals can stop broadcasting their movements when needing to protect sensitive locations or block insights into their activities and behaviors.

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Shut out wireless attacks.

Users can shield their smartphones from IMSI catchers and rogue access points when traveling through chokepoints and other high-risk areas.

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Disappear from the cellular network.

Rather than disconnecting from the cellular network and potentially drawing unwanted attention from spies, personnel can instead quietly “go dark” without alerting adversaries.

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Security Credentials

SafeCase and the extended Fulcrum Platform have been rigorously engineered to meet the security requirements of the most demanding organizations on the planet.

  • The first mobile device solution approved by the NTSWG (TSG-NC-03-2021)
  • Cloud-integrated capabilities architected to FedRAMP High Baseline
  • FIPS 140-3 L2 Overall, L3 Physical Security - In Process
  • Manufactured in an ITAR-certified facility in the US
  • Rigorously tested by multiple information-sensitive government agencies


Fulcrum Platform’s secure cloud management console provides system administrators with a seamless way to manage user, device, and policy requirements.

  • Geofencing for alerts on policy
  • Scalable to thousands of users
  • Simple provisioning process
  • Supports mobile devices from Apple and Samsung (Q2, 2022)
  • Flexible implementation to accommodate unique policy requirements and security considerations

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