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Smartphones are the battlefield of the 21st century.

As ever-present audiences to the day-to-day lives of their users, mobile devices are a huge operational security risk to government agencies. Sophisticated hackers have demonstrated the ability to turn smartphones into surveillance points, capturing audio and imagery without leaving a trace. To keep mission-critical information locked down, governments have been forced to place burdensome restrictions on users’ mobile devices.

Imperatives for mobile counter-surveillance.

SafeCase provides unequaled protection against mobile espionage.

Prevent mobile espionage

Challenge: Smartphones are vulnerable at every layer, from the apps down to the chipset, making them prime targets for threat actors. After compromising a device, these attacks are capable of hijacking the cameras and microphones, all without leaving a trace. In the hands of a senior official in a secure space or a soldier on the front lines, a compromised smartphone can lead to devastating consequences.

Solution: SafeCase utilizes a first-of-its-kind smartphone case that actively jams microphones and blocks cameras. By working around the mobile device instead of within its insecure ecosystem, the case is safeguarded from the exploits plaguing smartphones. Even if the device is compromised, the threat actor is unable to capture – much less decipher – sensitive conversations and visual details.

Reduce operational risk

Challenge: When it comes to making mission-critical decisions, smartphone restrictions may cause unnecessary delays or force reliance on incomplete information. In certain situations, users may be forced to use their mobile devices in violation of policies rather than risk mission failure. Putting smartphone policies at odds with short-term mission success breeds disillusionment and promotes a culture of risk-taking over time.

Solution: SafeCase encourages policies that take into account how employees really do their jobs. When it comes to mission-critical decision-making, the case prevents surveillance while allowing employees to use their smartphones within the scope of their duties. No longer will employees need to make hard choices between following the rules and carrying out their missions to the best of their abilities.

Boost personnel morale

Challenge: The Pentagon's smartphone policy (similar to other high-value government buildings) requires personnel to place their personal smartphones within dedicated storage containers before entering their workspaces. To deal with personal business or simply catch up on notifications during breaks, individuals can only use their smartphones in common areas. Restrictive smartphone policies put a damper on both morale and recruiting.

Solution: SafeCase enables government organizations to craft policies that allow smartphones in locations and situations that were previously off-limits. With the case thwarting mobile espionage, smartphones can be used within the confines of government offices and secure spaces. By being able to stay connected to the outside world makes for a happier workforce and removes barriers to recruitment.

Monitor policy violations

Challenge: It can be difficult for a government agency to know if an employee uses a personal smartphone to make a call, record audio, take a photo or capture video in a restricted area as part of an insider threat. Any instances of policy violations are usually found out after the damage has already been done. Inadvertent violations of policies also need to be detected in order to correct unsafe user behaviors.

Solution: SafeCase includes a web-based management portal in which administrators can establish geofences and other policies around case behaviors. The portal instantly alerts administrators in the event of a user disengaging the case’s camera and microphone protections. User actions outside of the norm are pinpointed and tracked in real time, allowing for rapid remediation.

Privoro SafeCase

Protect the sensitive conversations and visual details around smartphones.

With SafeCase, intelligent audio and video protections actively shut out mobile surveillance, enabling users to take their smartphones into sensitive conversations and locations.

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