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Take control of your digital privacy with
Px[P] technology.

Proprietary Px[P] technology helps keep your digital devices protected from a number of privacy breaches. Protections against audio surveillance, video surveillance and location tracking help keep unwarranted intruders from gathering your most sensitive personal and business information. Additional Px[P] protections will be coming soon.

Where you go

[block location tracking
and RF remote hacking]

What you say

[audio masking]

What you see

[video/camera block]

Our patent-pending, proprietary, two-component sealing system forms an impenetrable Faraday cage around your iPhone. This provides unsurpassed 110+ dB of RF protection, nearly eliminating all RF signals such as cellular, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and RFID.

Sealed channels cover all microphones on your iPhone or iMac computer, while Active Audio Masking jams these microphones with noise to prevent speech recognition, making it nearly impossible to monitor or record conversations happening anywhere near your protected digital device.

A physical barrier covers all cameras on the iPhone 6/6s and iMac computers, making it nearly impossible for others to use your phone or computer's camera to capture the sensitive moments of your life.