Our Vision

Doing what it takes to deliver control to our customers.

At the end of the day, we are not arbiters of our customers’ information. We are the guardians. A pretty simple idea, but as we learned at the outset of this journey, simple takes more energy. More resources. More time. And more discipline. It means building everything from the ground up. It demands a rigor of test and learn, refine and test again. Closing the security gap around mobile devices enables countless possibilities, and even better, a new trust in the technologies that support nearly everything we do. Best of all, it puts our customers back in control of their most important and sensitive information, whatever they choose that to be.

We believe that compromising security and privacy to live and work in today’s ultra-connected, sensor-driven world is unacceptable.

The Logo

A symbol and a promise.

Look into the eyes of a guard dog and it’s easy to understand why we chose this regal creature as our symbol of security, protection and safety. But the story doesn’t end there. There is something bigger about this choice, something that highlights our philosophy as much as the protection. Discipline. Training. Understanding the difference between friend and foe. Loyalty. And always being ready for the task. Guard dogs aren’t just born ready to protect. Making it to the front line is a long, rigorous journey. We wouldn’t ask you to put your trust in any product that isn’t the culmination of the same uncompromising process.

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