About Us

Protecting the most important information in the world – yours.

Two blurry figures walking within Privoro's office
We believe

There are problems in this world worth solving.

Data security around smartphones is the thing we’ve chosen to focus on first. And today, we are the world leader in mobile security hardware systems and mobile device surveillance protections.

The People

It’s remarkable how a big idea, one driven by a philosophy rooted in a fundamental right, attracts the brightest minds. In our search to find the best, we quickly discovered those along the way who were more than people willing to do a job, but kindred spirits who believed in our philosophy. And they told a friend, who knew a guy, and before we knew it, we had an amazing team working toward a common vision.

The Company

Privoro, an emerging technology company based in Phoenix, is the leader in mobile security hardware systems, mobile device surveillance protections and passive RF attenuation. By uniquely enabling enterprise and government organizations to adopt a zero trust posture against commercial mobile devices, Privoro delivers high-security services and unsurpassed control 24x7 for mobile users.

If we do it right, who stands to benefit?

Almost every single person on the planet that carries a mobile phone. Last we checked that was over 3 billion people.

Privoro Logo
The Logo

A symbol and a promise

Loyal and vigilant, the guard dog represents our commitment to help customers protect the information most important in their lives, both personally and professionally.

The Name

It starts with privacy

Privoro is a hybrid of the word “privacy” and the Icelandic word for “guard," a reference to our initial beta product the Privacy Guard, and a constant reminder of where it all began.

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