HDM Integration

With HDM Integration, your SafeCase provides trusted control over Galaxy’s radios, preventing these components from being used as attack surfaces or exfiltration paths.

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Turn off your phone’s capacity for spying.

By disabling your phone’s radios and neutralizing its cameras and microphones, SafeCase with HDM Integration prevents any spyware on the device from collecting or exfiltrating sensitive information.

Disable individual components, not your phone.

Unlike a Faraday cage, SafeCase with HDM Integration lets you choose which components to disable at any given moment, all while allowing you to continue using your phone.

Go with confidence.

Whether shielding your phone from wireless attacks, location tracking or cellular monitoring, you can go with confidence knowing that your phone isn’t being used against you.

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A new hardware-to-hardware approach

HDM Integration utilizes two separate systems: SafeCase, which is independent of the phone, and Galaxy’s Hardware Device Manager (HDM), which has a higher privilege level than the operating system (OS). By using two separate systems, both of which are effectively independent from the phone’s OS and based in hardware, the process for updating the policies governing access to the radios can be trusted even if the phone’s OS has been compromised.

A diagram showing how SafeCase controls the radios on the paired Galaxy S22

Controllable hardware components

HDM Integration currently provides control over the phone’s cellular radio and GPS, with control over the other radios coming later in 2023.

An icon of a radio tower within a shield


An icon of a map pin within a shield


An icon of a WiFi signal within a shield


An icon of the Bluetooth symbol within a shield


An icon of the NFC symbol within a shield


+ Support for GPS control varies by phone model and region. Please contact your Privoro representative for details.

* Coming later this year.

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