The SafeCase offers first-of-its-kind defense against the misuse of a mobile device’s cameras and microphones. Integrated audio masking and camera blocking keep valuable audio and visual data in the paired mobile device’s vicinity from being captured via mobile spyware or rogue insider.

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Unparalleled protection against audio and video surveillance.

Intelligent audio masking

Patented audio masking ensures that a captured conversation’s content and context are unidentifiable even when advanced audio forensics techniques are employed.

Camera blocking

A physical barrier over each of the smartphone’s cameras prevents intruders from observing or recording any visual data in the device’s vicinity.

Verifiable protections

Camera/microphone protections can be observed by the user, providing peace of mind even if the paired mobile device has been compromised.

User accountability

With the ability to enforce camera/microphone policies via MDM, organizations can allow users greater flexibility in their use of mobile devices within secure spaces.

The science of on-device audio masking

A patented process that ensures protection

Similar to how white noise machines drown out the audio in a room, the SafeCase adds noise at the locations of the paired mobile device’s microphones. The end result is that the mobile device is essentially deafened, burying any meaningful audio content beneath the noise floor of the masking signal.

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To ensure that captured audio is useless to digital eavesdroppers, the noise added to the audio mix has the following three characteristics:


The noise is generated using a true random number generator (TRNG), preventing the use of two-channel adaptive filtering to essentially “subtract” a noise profile from a piece of captured audio.


A distinct masking signal is used for each of the mobile device’s microphones, preventing the use of cross-correlation or known pseudo-random patterns to extract audio from the masked output.


The level of audio masking adapts to the volume of the audio in the mobile device’s vicinity throughout the range of human speech, meaning that everything from a whisper to a shout is discreetly masked.

Don’t let looks fool you.

Though it may look like just a smartphone case, SafeCase is part of a sophisticated, end-to-end system that represents the future of secure mobility.

Privoro Platform

Our high-security system provides a trusted foundation for delivering critical services in parallel with the mobile devices that users already have.

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SafeCase acts as a secondary computing device – an ExoComputer – supporting the development of features best served in isolation from the commercial mobile ecosystem.

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Policy Management

Through the Privoro Portal, administrators can establish policies around SafeCase usage – including within geofences – and stay on top of policy alerts.

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Trusted Hardware

Engineered and manufactured to a nation-state threat model standard, SafeCase has earned the trust of some of the most security-conscious organizations around.

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The future of secure mobility is here.