SafeCase is a smartphone-coupled security device providing unprecedented defense against illicit camera and microphone usage while allowing full use of the phone.

The three SafeCase models


Mitigate the risks of audio/video capture.

SafeCase’s integrated anti-surveillance features are designed to prevent the coupled smartphone from being used by threat actors as a tool for listening and watching.

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Audio Masking

To protect both the content and context of conversations, the SafeCase device employs random, independent sound transmissions to each of the smartphone’s microphones.

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Camera Blocking

A physical barrier over each of the smartphone’s cameras prevents intruders from observing or recording any visual data in the device’s vicinity.

Intelligently govern camera and microphone usage policy through the Fulcrum Platform.

In an organizational setting, administrators can define policies around camera and microphone exposure and set alerts for and report on user compliance.

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Policy Tools

The Fulcrum Platform makes it easy to configure policies and monitor for smartphone compliance through our cloud-based management portal. Optional UEM/MDM integrations enable enforcement directly on a user’s smartphone.

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Administrators can create custom geofences in which camera and microphone exposure is monitored, enabling approved smartphone usage within restricted areas.

Go beyond software-only security.

While software-based solutions can only do so much in the face of advanced mobile threats, SafeCase represents a zero-trust approach that works off the assumption that the coupled smartphone has already been compromised.

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SafeCase with Fulcrum Anti-Surveillance can be implemented in different ways to fit the needs of your organization.

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  • For high-risk individuals – executives, business travelers, etc.
  • The SafeCase device can be used strictly as an anti-surveillance tool, with administration chiefly concerned with proper device setup and timely firmware updates.
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Protection + Governance

  • For secure spaces and other environments with restrictions on audio/video capture
  • Administrators can use the Fulcrum Platform’s cloud-based management portal for governance or to integrate with their UEM, MDM and SIEM solutions for additional policy tools and streamlined reporting.
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Protection + Governance + Extended Integrations

  • For environments with data exfiltration risks
  • SafeCase can be used alongside WIDS and indoor positioning systems for additional awareness about devices within protected areas.

Smartphone Compatibility

The current version of SafeCase is compatible with iPhone 7/8/SE. Additional models, to accommodate iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21, will be available in Q2 2022.

The three SafeCase models

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