Introducing the first high-security, intelligent smartphone case.

Only SafeCase provides mobile protection in isolation from the vulnerabilities of the smartphone ecosystem.

Overcoming Smartphone Vulnerabilities

A radical premise for mobile security.

Rootkits. Remote access Trojans. Chip-based exploits. The list of smartphone risks is long and getting longer by the day. Organizations leveraging off-the-shelf mobile devices are facing an uphill battle in their attempts to insulate sensitive data and tasks from increasingly intrusive smartphone vulnerabilities

Enter SafeCase. SafeCase was born from a simple question: What would mobile security look like if we assumed that all smartphones are compromised?

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A Platform of Trust

The SafeCase and supporting solution elements

Trusted Hardware

SafeCase is built with high-security hardware — isolated from the user’s smartphone.


SafeCase provides protection against audio and video surveillance.

Secure Management

SafeCase includes a secure cloud component that actively monitors for policy compliance.

Trusted Hardware

Circumventing smartphone vulnerabilities through stand-alone, high-security hardware.

Given the vulnerabilities at every layer of the smartphone stack, it was critical for SafeCase to be functionally independent of mobile devices. The only way to fully bypass smartphones is through external, high-security mobile hardware featuring isolated processing and encrypted communications.

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Protecting data from capture by compromised smartphone sensors.

Risks to smartphones go all the way to the cameras and microphones; where hijacked sensors can pick up on sensitive conversations and visuals without detection. It was crucial for SafeCase to provide physical protections at each of the smartphone’s collection points.

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Secure Management

Enabling mobile workforce accountability.

In a zero-trust world, it’s not enough to hope that users will follow recommended precautions. That’s why SafeCase extends to a cloud-based management tool that gives administrators the ability to set and enforce policies in real-time.

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How SafeCase Works

SafeCase is the hub of a sophisticated security architecture that allows trusted services across the broader system.

The SafeCase

A high-security, intelligent smartphone case built from the ground up with security as the primary goal.

The App

An app on the user’s smartphone is used for non-security functions. Through the app, the user can view notifications, verify protections and more.

The Cloud

The Privoro cloud is the operational brains behind SafeCase, including machine learning, a robust policy engine and a user-facing portal for device, user and policy management.

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