Your smartphone’s cameras and microphones can be secretly activated. We help you mitigate this risk.

Spyware can be used to remotely activate your smartphone’s cameras and microphones to capture valuable information shared through conversations and visuals. We can help you prevent your smartphone from becoming a spying device turned against you.

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Key benefits

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Reduce your overall risk exposure

Rendering meaningless any captured audio means that intel shared in free-ranging and unfiltered discussions, including information not available to hackers in any other format, can’t be exploited.

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Take control of your cameras and microphones

Rather than trusting your smartphone’s operating system or third-party security software to keep bad actors from accessing your cameras and microphones, you have physical control over these components.

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Go with confidence

Whether whiteboarding with a colleague or having a sensitive conversation with a family member, feel confident that you’re not inadvertently feeding valuable information to an adversary.



SafeCase couples with your smartphone to keep conversations and visuals in the device’s vicinity safe from both spyware and insider threats.

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Fulcrum Anti-Surveillance

Cloud-based governance of SafeCase anti-surveillance protections, including current and future integrations with third-party UEM, MDM and SIEM solutions.

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Vault combines RF shielding and audio masking to keep your smartphone from relaying locations and in-person conversations to unauthorized third parties.

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