Put smartphones to work in classified and secure workspaces

Empower your team to work in more places, without opening the floodgates to illicit audio and video capture.

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Smartphone restrictions can breed inefficiency and resentment. We provide a secure alternative.

Limiting smartphones in sensitive areas to avoid the threat of rogue device cameras and microphones can be a recipe for slow decision-making and workplace dissatisfaction. Maximize productivity and morale without sacrificing security by harnessing the power of Privoro protections.

Key benefits

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Move faster and more effectively

By setting the terms for how smartphone cameras and microphones may be used in sensitive areas, you can now lean on these devices for faster decision-making improved collaboration and more.

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Maximize the potential of your workforce

Enabling personnel to use their smartphones across working environments not only helps keep morale high but also removes impediments to attracting the best and brightest to your organization.

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Achieve 24x7 security

With SafeCase, important conversations and visual clues are hidden from adversaries around the clock, including when personnel is outside the confines of secured facilities.


Privoro products enable smartphone users to elevate their security posture by limiting the data available to hackers and spies even if the phone has been compromised.



SafeCase is a smartphone-coupled security device providing unprecedented defense against illicit camera and microphone usage while allowing full use of the phone.

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Fulcrum Secure Mobility Platform

The Fulcrum Secure Mobility Platform delivers hardware-backed, cloud-integrated security enhancements to commercial mobile devices.

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