Vault is a two-in-one portable Faraday enclosure and audio masking chamber for smartphones.

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Protect the things you care about most.

Vault provides unsurpassed protection against wireless attacks, location tracking, eavesdropping and spying.

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Protect your device

When enclosed within Vault, a smartphone becomes impervious to wireless attacks, including those delivered via IMSI catcher, rogue access point or malicious Bluetooth device.

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Protect your location

Radio frequency shielding cuts off wireless connections to the mobile device, neutralizing attempts to track location through spyware, cell network monitoring or location-based apps.

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Protect your conversations

Intelligent audio masking within Vault’s chamber prevents eavesdroppers from making sense of conversations captured through the smartphone’s microphones.

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Protect your surroundings

Vault keeps the mobile device’s cameras from picking up visual details about important people, places and things.

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Features and capabilities

RF shielding

Vault delivers a minimum of 100 dB of radio frequency shielding, eliminating smartphone signals more effectively than fabric-based Faraday products. This level of protection ensures that the protected devices can no longer be reached via cellular, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC or RFID.

Audio masking

Vault employs audio signals to drown out any conversations occurring in the smartphone’s vicinity before reaching the phone's microphones. Two levels of audio masking accommodate both typical and heightened noise environments.

Camera protection

The product's design creates a physical barrier over all smartphone cameras to prevent threat actors from observing or recording any visual data in the device's vicinity.

Smartphone Compatibility

Vault is compatible with mobile devices up to 158.5 mm (6.24″) x 78.5 mm (3.09″) x 8.5 mm (.33″).

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