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02/13/2019 Security Magazine
  • 02/13/2019

    Smartphone Bans are Taking a Toll on the Federal Workforce

    The federal government has instituted smartphone bans to keep mobile vulnerabilities out of secure spaces. In an article for Security Magazine, Privoro founder and CEO Mike Fong explores the side effects these bans are having on the federal workforce.

02/01/2019 Security Today
  • 01/11/2019

    Limiting the potential abuse of smartphone sensors

    With the increasing attention being paid to the internet of things security concerns by legislators at both the state and federal levels, it’s worth considering the implications of the connected sensors that we carry with us everywhere we go -- those in our smartphones.

12/10/2018 JC2 Ventures
10/03/2018 Privoro
10/03/2018 JC2 Ventures
  • John Chambers announces Privoro's SafeCase

    JC2 Ventures backed Privoro announces the launch of the first-of-its-kind SafeCase, a hardware-based smartphone case that provides intelligent security protections from smartphone vulnerabilities.